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19 May 2002 - Bedfordshire v Suffolk


With Suffolk and Bedfordshire joint top in the tables, this was to be an important match. Suffolk got off to a good start winning the first session 7-4. In the second session Bedfordshire pulled back a little but Suffolk managed to maintain the lead and went into the third session 12-10 up. Suffolk were not going to allow Bedfordshire to take the lead and took 8 of the next 11 frames to lead 20-13. Requiring only three frames to win or two to draw, Suffolk took five to finish the match by winning 25 frames to 19.

Good results from Paul Keeble, Gary Flatt, Samm Bemment, Ned Acton and Phil Dyer, each winning three out of four frames.


Suffolk got off to a good start taking the first session 7-4. Unfortunately, Bedfordshire responded by taking 8 of the next 11 frames to capture the lead 12-10. Bedfordshire maintained the pressure to finally take the match 24 frames to 20.

Excellent results from Lee Cubitt winning all four frames and Julian Adams winning three out of four.


Suffolk Ladies were not off to a very good start, being their first away match of the season. In the first session Bedfordshire took the lead with 8 frames to Suffolk’s 3. Suffolk did manage to up their game and took both the third and forth sessions 6-5 bringing the score closer with Suffolk now only trailing by three, 18-15. This was not to be enough as Bedfordshire kept putting the pressure on. They took the final session 6-5 and left Suffolk with their first loss in almost two seasons. The match ending with Bedfordshire on 24 frames to Suffolk’s 20.

Good performances saw Janette Skardon, Leah Willett and Kim O’Brien each winning three out of four frames.


Suffolk youths have had a great start to the season and this was to be a close match. In the first session Suffolk opened up with a 3-0 lead only to see Bedfordshire gradually pull it back to close with Suffolk holding a 1 frame advantage to lead by 6-5. Suffolk extended their lead in the second session to 14 frames to 8. Suffolk kept up the good work and held a commanding lead by the end of the third session. Bedfordshire did manage to take 8 of the remaining 11 frames. This was not enough and Suffolk managed a well-deserved win of 23-21.

Special mention to Sam Jeffrey for winning all four of his frames. Also to Richard Twomey, Mark Jones, Karl Sutton and Rory Vaughan each winning 3 out of 4.

NEXT MATCH - 9 June, away to Essex"



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