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21 April 2002 - Suffolk v Cambridgeshire


After last months victory against Norfolk, Suffolk A wanted to stay on top and needed to do well against Cambridgeshire.

The first session went well with Suffolk taking 8 out of 11 frames. Cambridgeshire started to fight back and took the next session 6 frames to 5 to bring the scores closer. 13-9 to Suffolk.

Suffolk dug in to take the next two sessions 7-4 and 6-5 to make the final score Suffolk 26 - Cambridgeshire 18. With 1 point per frame and 5 bonus points for an overall win this gave 31 valuable points to Suffolk A.

Very well done to Samm Bemment and Ned Acton each winning 4 out of 4 and to Steve Lish for winning 3 out of 4.


Suffolk B also got off to a good start winning the first session 7-4. A performance that they repeated in the second session to go 14-8 ahead. Cambridgeshire started to fight back and took 6 out of 11 frames in the third session. Suffolk still had a comfortable 19-14 lead and only required 4 more frames to take an overall win.

Final Session - Each team took a frame at the start, 20-15 to Suffolk. Cambridgeshire really started to dig in and took the next 4 frames. Things were starting to look very dodgy with Suffolk's lead reduced to just one frame. Darren Belton pulled one back to give Suffolk a 21-19 lead. However, this was not enough and Cambridgeshire piled on even more pressure and finally took an overall win.

Final score Suffolk 21, Cambridgeshire 23.

Excellent performance from Darren Belton winning all 4 frames and Johny Aguilar winning 3 out of 4.


Suffolk Ladies were determined to keep up the winning streak. A very positive start for the team, winning the first session 9-2. Cambridgeshire did manage to up their game and forced Suffolk to work harder to keep their lead. After the second session Suffolk were leading 15 frames to 7. Suffolk kept going and took 7 of the next 11 frames to improve their lead to 22-11. Cambridgeshire did manage to win the final session 6 frames to Suffolk’s 5. This was still not enough to stop the Suffolk Ladies as they still had a comfortable win of 27 frames to Cambridgeshire’s 17.

Excellent performance from C. Seaman winning all four of her frames and F. Calvert, D. Creasey, and K. O’Brien for winning 3 out of 4 frames. A very special mention to S. Lay for winning 3 out of 4 frames on her debut.


This was Suffolk Youths first match of the season so they wanted a good start.

In a very close first session Suffolk held a 6-5 lead. In the second session Suffolk were 9-10 down but took the remaining 3 frames to end with a 12-10 lead. Suffolk excelled themselves in the third session to give them a commanding 20-13 lead. With the winning post in sight, despite a valiant fight from a young Cambridgeshire squad, Suffolk were not prepared to let this slip and ended with a comfortable 29-15 win.

Special mention to Mark Jones for winning all four of his frames and winning man of the match. Dylan Thomas. Richard Twomey, Matt Purnell, Sam Jeffrey, along with newcomers Karl Sutton and Shayne Baldry each winning 3 out of 4 frames.

Next match away to Bedfordshire on the 19th May 2002.



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